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I'm InTouch User Guide:

General Questions

What is I’m InTouch Remote Desktop?

How does I'm InTouch work?

What are the features of I’m InTouch Remote Desktop Software?

What are the system requirements for I’m InTouch?

What are the devices I can use to remotely access my PC?

Do I need additional software installed on my remote device?

Does my PC need to be turned on at all times?

Do I require a static IP address on my I'm InTouch PC?

What languages does I'm InTouch support?

How many monitors does I'm InTouch support?

How do I update my I'm InTouch Remote Desktop Software?



What are the SecurePC / SecureKEY for?

What are I'm InTouch Remote Desktop security features?

Where are my I'm InTouch passwords stored?

How can I change my I'm InTouch passwords?

Has any 3rd party audited I'm InTouch's security?

How can I activate/re-activate my SecureKEY USB remote access?

What is Physical Authentication?

How can I enable Physical Authentication?

What are the Physical Authentication statuses?


Administrator Functions

What are the advantages of using the "List of Computers" page?

Can I provide non-Administrator users with remote access to their own "List of Computers" page?

How do I assign multiple computers to a specific end-user?

What is the difference between the Login ID email address and Activation email address on the "List of Computers" page?

When I access the My Account tab, I am sent to the main I’m InTouch Remote Desktop website. How do I fix this?

How can I group my computers?

My I'm InTouch computer (host installed in Windows 8) is not shown as "offline" in the List of Computers after I shut it down.


Using I’m InTouch

How do I Login from a remote PC?

How do I Login to my remote desktop PC from a wireless device?

Do I have to synchronize my wireless device with my PC?

Does I'm InTouch Remote Desktop Software support Outlook 2010 on Windows 64-bit computers?

I receive an error message in Internet Explorer 8 (or later) when trying to upload files using the My Files option, how can I resolve this?

I cannot start the remote control viewer when using Internet Explorer 10, how can I resolve this?


Using Remote Wake-Up

How does the Remote Wake-Up feature work?

What are the requirements for Remote Wake-Up?

Which Network cards support Remote Wake-Up?

How do I enable Remote Wake-Up in my I'm InTouch administrator account?

How do I enable Wake-Up On Lan in a computer's BIOS and Windows?

How can I change my Remote Wake-Up password?

What should I modify in Windows 8 to make I'm InTouch shut-down properly (needed for the Wake-up feature)?



How can I try the I'm InTouch Remote Desktop Software?

What are the I'm InTouch Remote Desktop’s fees?

How can I subscribe to I'm InTouch during my trial period?

Can I re-use an I'm InTouch Serial Number on more than one PC?

Why should I provide a credit card when signing up for a I'm InTouch trial?

How can I subscribe to I'm InTouch Remote Desktop once my trial is over?

How am I billed for I'm InTouch?

How can I add more user licenses?

Can I alter my billing from monthly to annual or vice versa?

How do I cancel my I'm InTouch Remote Desktop service?

What is 01 Communique's policy on the I'm InTouch Remote Desktop Software upgrades?


Questions on Remote Access

I can't access the I'm InTouch login page, how can I remotely access my computer?

How do I use the I'm InTouch Remote Control Software as an Internet parental control tool?

How can I setup the Remote Printing feature?

How can I use the Remote Printing feature?

How do I configure my Internet Security Software to work with the I'm InTouch Remote Desktop Software?

How to configure Direct connection?

How do I stop anti-virus alerts on my I'm InTouch PC when my incoming e-mails are detected to contain viruses?

How do I enable the CTRL-ALT-DEL feature in I’m InTouch for Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10?

How do I stop an end-user from gaining remote computer access to their computer?


Remote Audio Questions

What are the requirements to listen to remote audio?

I cannot hear any audio on my remote computer from my host computer, what should I do?

Does remote audio work when multiple I'm InTouch users login to the same computer?

I get an error message saying "this computer is unable to playback remote audio" when my remote control session starts.

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