COMMUNICATE! allows your home offices or small businesses to appear like a large corporation when sending a fax message or answering an incoming call while you are not around.
Benefits of using a Voicemail and Fax Software
COMMUNICATE! is a powerful business tool that you can send or broadcast professional high resolution fax right from your Windows application. It also can detect whether an incoming call is a fax or a voice call and automatically answer in the correct mode. This essentially means you can always have your voice and fax line combined and COMMUNCIATE! will always answer correctly when you are not around.
Impression of a Large Corporation
COMMUNICATE! allows you to create a custom navigation with pre-recorded or personal greetings along with an unlimited number of password protected mailboxes. As smart as a receptionist, the voicemail system automatically handles incoming calls with automatic fax/voice detection, and more.
COMMUNICATE! allows you to call-in and listen to your voicemail just like any high-end office phone system. With text-to-speech you can even listen to your emails.
Last but not least, the powerful activities activity logs keep track of all your inbound and outbound fax and voicemail records.